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San Diego Junior Lifeguard Ocean Festival
August 2, 2014
Willie Calabrese Memorial Run | Swim| Run
Schedule of events:
7:45am 4 mile walk (MB to Pier and Back)
8:00am 2mi Run, 1/2 mi Swim, 2mi Run*
8:30am Surf Ski Race
9:00am Jr Guard Paddle Relay
10:00am Jr Guard Swim Relay
11:00am Jr Guard Beach Flags
*event check in starts at 6:30am
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February 2014

Dear Friends of the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation,


The Foundation Board of Directors has been busy obtaining grants and planning for the summer of 2014.  We have a number of new Board members and we are all very excited about our summer plans and new programs.  As always we focus on the Junior Lifeguard (JG) program and what we can do to enhance the program.

  • Again this summer SCUBA will be part of the A Level JG program,
  • The Grommet program for 7-8 year olds was a big success last year and it is being expanded,
  • The Ocean Science Education program is will focus on the Level C 9-11 year olds with a chance to learn about the ocean sciences and spend a whole day at the beach, OSE ½ day JGs ½ day.  Sign up for OSE at the same time you sign up for the JG program.
  • Ocean competitions for all the JGs this summer.  In addition to a competition day on 1August with all the County Junior Guard Programs the Foundation will sponsor the Junior Lifeguard Ocean Festival on August 2 in conjunction with the Mission Beach Centennial.
  • The Padres and the Foundation are teaming up again this summer for Aquatic Safety Night at the Padre game on the evening of 1August.  All JGs who wear their uniforms will be allowed on the field again this year.  If you participated last year you know what a great night that was.
  • Of course the OB Pier Jump Fund Raiser will be happening again this year.  Come on out, jump the pier with your children and use the picture for your holiday card.
  • The Las Patronas organization has donated a small utility vehicle ($22,500) to the Foundation which we received on January 22, 2014.  The vehicle will be used for summer operations and Waterproofing San Diego, a three pronged approach to provide aquatic safety education, free swim lessons and a day at the beach for San Diego  youth.

Water Proofing San Diego reached out to over 10,000 people in San Diego in 2013.  We also received a grant of $15,000 from the Nighttrain world record swim relay.  The Foundation will support swim lessons for the Monarch School for the homeless by opening the Barrio Station pool for two months in May and June.  Your donation of swim suits, rash guards and hats as part of the Wear it Share it program started by our very own JG, Catherine Hanczor, were given to the Monarch School kids as almost all of them did not have towels or suits.  This type of effort is part of the Foundation and City Lifeguard program called Waterproofing San Diego.

Our board of directors has been active talking with the City Fire Department Lifeguard Service about improvements needed for the Junior Lifeguards and have also actively solicited City Council support.  To that end we have a signed Memorandum of Understanding between the Foundation and the City formalizing our partnership. As part of these discussions we are promoting the need for a new Junior Lifeguard Headquarters. We have started a Capital campaign to raise money to build the new HQ with the full support of Lifeguard Management and the Council Members we have spoken with.   As each of you are aware as you sit in traffic dropping off or picking up your children each day at Junior Guards, Santa Clara Point is impacted.  The same is true for the operational facilities the Junior Lifeguard administration and instructors work in each day.  I relate it to working out of a big closet and the instructors and management of the world’s best Junior Lifeguard program deserve better.


Another major effort underway is the Swim 24Challenge.  This event will be held at the UCSD and La Jolla High School Coggan Swim Complex on 30 and 31 August 2014.  This will be a fund raiser helping the local pool sponsoring organization and our Water Proofing San Diego Program.  Put a team 6 or 12 member team together, swim for 24 hours in a team relay event and raise money for Foundation and downing prevention.  Look for more information and to register a team for Swim 24Challenge go to

The Foundation cannot do any of our efforts without your support.  We have impacted over 25,000 San Diego youth since our inception with Waterproofing San Diego and the Junior Lifeguard program.  We are also involved with the San Diego Unified School District working to provide swim lessons for all third through sixth graders in the City.  We are also working on Pools for Schools building 10 new pools at City Schools over the next five years.

The Foundation is always in need of financial assistance but you can also help by volunteering your time.  We have a critical need for volunteers, fund raising, and general help with our summer fund raisers.  If you are interested please call Diane Nelson, our outreach coordinator, at 858 232 2667.  We always have a great deal of fun and you will find your time well spent and rewarding.

Looking forward to an awesome year in 2014!

Yours in Lifesaving,
Corey McClelland
President and CEO
San Diego Junior Lifeguard Foundation